Chie Sasaki  is a hair-makeup artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised in Japan, she started her career at the renown Shima salon in Tokyo. With several locations in Japan, Shima is known for defining the latest street style fashion for young people. During her years at the salon, Chie developed a unique modern style for her clients, pairing her love of classic and vintage styles with contemporary street culture.

In 2010, seeking to expand her inspiration outside of Japan, she relocates to Los Angeles and immediately begins to work in the local fashion, film and beauty industries with established photographers and magazines Vogue, TeenVogue, InStyle, Elle, and others.

Living in California’s natural beauty and bohemian lifestyle also starts to influence her creative work. She begins to focus on enhancing a woman’s most feminine qualities and reveal their natural charm. To complement this shift in direction, Chie begins to design and craft hair jewelry with a friend. Pluie hair accessories is born, focusing on beautiful hand-crafted pieces with an organic aesthetic. The line aspires to elevate feminine elegance to new heights.

Through her work with Pluie and clients, she continues to find inspiration in natural beauty and uses it to drive her passion. Beauty can be shy and sometimes hidden but Chie finds love in helping it bloom.


Shimaでのサロンワークを経て、’09年に渡米。ロサンゼルスを拠点に活動。現地ヘアメイクアーティストのアシスタントとしてVOGUE、TEEN VOGUE、ELLE などの仕事に携わりながら、フリーランスとしても活動。またヘアメイク業と並行して、ヘアアクセサリーブランド「Pluie」を友人と共に立ち上げ、ディレクション&デザインを手掛ける。’15年帰国。現在は東京を拠点にフリーランスで、サロンワークと共にヘアメイクとして活動中。現在、青山にあるヘアサロン”People”に在籍。